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Apartments in the Canary Islands that sleep 2, ideal for couples



There is a high demand for apartments in the Canary Islands that sleep 2 people. The childless young and older people with grown up children often travel as couples and need just a one or two bedroom apartment at most.

Let's face it, an apartment is just somewhere to sleep during a holiday. Every holidaymaker wants to obtain as much pleasure during their holiday as possible and that comes from enjoying beaches and the sights, sounds and tastes of the Canary Islands.


Apartments in the Canary islands that sleep 2 - apartments canary islands sleep 2

The apartment complexes in the Canary Islands will have a selection of apartments of varying sizes. Although all are likley to have a balcony with seating where you can sit outside and relax with a book or even eat meals, it is difficult to find out in advance about their direction. If the apartment block faces the wrong way, your balcony may be in the shade for most of the day which is perhaps something that you don't want. The easiest way to find out such details is to rent from a private owner who will know and be able to provide this level of detail.

The other question to always ask ia aboutis sound proofing which can be problematic in holiday apartments, especially for honeymooners or people who cannot sleep in a noisy environment. It is not always possible to ensure that all neighbours are quiet but one can ask about the level of soundproofing.

Apartments to rent for couples for long lets during the winter

Sometimes the novelty of owning an apartment in the Canary Islands can wear off and owners spend less time there. It is useful to let an apartment a few times a year so that it pays for itself. This suits both owners and holidaymakers. A good number of pensioners try to spend at least several weeks each winter in a milder climate and winter escapes for 2 have a fairly steady demand.

REQUIRED : Good quality apartment in the Canary Islands for a 4 week let March or April 2013. Tel: 01245 325 273 with rates.

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