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Apartments in Spain that sleep 6 people


Renting a self catering apartment in Spain for 6 people generally means either an apartment with 3 bedrooms or a 2 bedroom apartment was a sofa bed in the lounge. Sleeping in a lounge is inconvenient and undesirable; it will not be as comfortable nor will there by anywhere to hang your clothes or have your personal possessions to hand. In the interests of having a good comfortable holiday it is advisable to rent an apartment with the right number of bedrooms.

There are plenty of 3 bedroom holiday apartments to rent in Spain, all ideal for sleeping six. Check the types of beds, a group of friends would require six single beds if there are no couples sharing a double bed. Sometimes zip-link beds are supplied which can be made up as a king-size bed or twin beds.


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How many bathrooms will you need in a three bedroom apartment?

The number of bathrooms that would be best depends on your budget and the type of group. A group of friends all wanting to shower before going out in the evening would need at least two bathrooms because (a) the hot water may run out, (b) it would take too long for six showers in turn. The ideal would be 3 en-suite bathrooms.

One of the complaints that we often hear is that of hot water tanks not being large enough and hot water running out too soon. This is one of the points that the brochures never mention but you could ask. With privately owned apartments, the owner would have had feedback and would know if there had been complaints about shortages in the past.


Travelling to your holiday apartment in Spain with friends

Recently, whilst waiting at the airport we saw a group of friends checking in. They sent their suitcases in one at a time and as they disappeared from view and only the last case stood on the conveyer belt, the check in clerk informed them that they were a number of kilos overweight. The last case was 4 kilos under weight leaving little opportunity to swap items round in the luggage. Inevitably, the group had to pay for excess luggage. One or more of the group of friends had been irresponsible to the detriment of the whole group. This could be sad end to an otherwise good holiday in Spain. The only way to prevent this is to weight your luggage before getting to the airport and to double check it on scales that often available for this purpose before dropping off bags or checking in.

Travelling with a group of friends can result in all sorts of problems and petty squabbles. It is best to plan and cost everything out before you go and try to get everyone to agree to avoid people feeling resentful especially if one of the group behaves selfishly.

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