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Apartments in Spain with a bath


Everyone has their own very personal tastes and criteria when choosing holiday accommodation. One of the factors often sought is a proper bath in the bathroom. Much holiday accommodation has just a shower which is often if you do not mind. For holidaymakers with the particular requirements of a bath, this is an important criterion when searching for something suitable.


Quite a lot of holiday accommodation web sites have a search function that allows prospective holidaymakers to select the features that they require. One would find that if a bath is selected as essential, the number of apartments or villas to choose from will be much lower than if there was not this preference.

Further distinctions might be made between apartments with ordinary baths and apartments with jacuzzi baths.

Renting a holiday apartment is not a cheap option and people have their dreams. It all comes down to finding the best match for individual requirements. It pays to make a list of what you consider essential criteria for your holiday apartment and then an additional wish list. At some point a compromise will need to be made because it may be unlikely to match all your requirements unless you are fairly flexible or very undemanding.


Apartments in Spain with a bath - holidays to Spain

Other factors apart from a bath in the bathroom that you may add to your wish list for an apartment in Spain

Swimming pool in the complex

A private balcony

Air conditioning

Near the beach

Peaceful location

Shops within walking distance

Allocated parking

Dining table


Coffee machine


The types of problems that occur in self catering holiday apartments in Spain

Noise from neighbours

Noise into the early hours of the morning can be most annoying if you want to sleep. Find out more about the area before you book. You might be able to obtain a cheap deal, especially last minute, but could end up in a teenage paradise of clubs and bars where parties go on 24/7. If you book an apartment in what is described as a peaceful area, report the noise to the management company or the property owner. There will be rules in place such as not making a noise after 10 pm. and management can deal with this nuisance on your behalf.


Insect infestation

The Spanish climate although beloved of humans is also a good breeding ground for insects. You may come across cockroaches, ants and other insects sharing your apartment. Again, take this up with management, take photographs of the insects and threaten to upload them to a social media web site unless action is taken.


Utility failure

Power cuts occur in the best places and not much can be done except to sit things out. Pipes may burst, taps drip etc. Report anything not working properly to management or the owner of the self catering apartment.


A dirty apartment

Complain as soon as you arrive and if no action is taken demand a refund immediately.


Broken furnishings

Report any breakages or things that do not work as soon as you discover them. Do mot leave without reporting things that need fixing otherwise the next holidaymakers have the same problem. Always report anything that you break and accept the responsibility.


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