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Apartments in the Canary Islands for 8 people



The great majority of apartments in the Canary Island sleep 2 to 6 people and have one to a maximum of three bedrooms. Once a group or family of eight people is involved different possibilities arise.

It is is possible to rent a 3 bedroom apartment with a sofa bed in the lounge. This will never be as comfortable as 4 separate bedrooms. It i however, more likely to be the cheapest option.

Alternatively, rent two 2 bedroom apartments side by side which may suffice. People tend to go out to eat quite a lot on holiday so you will have the chance to get together for meals and also on the beach.

The most expensive and most comfortable alternative is to consider renting a villa instead of an apartment in the Canary Islands.

You may be lucky and find one of the few 4 bedroom apartments.


8 person 4 bedroom Apartments in the Canary islands - 8 person apartments canary islands

An advantage of a villa over a large apartment is a garden and BBQ. The fresh fish in the Canary Islands is varied and plentiful, you could cook your own sardines, sole and other local fish over the coals outside. Add a salad and plenty of drinks and you have an enjoyable meal prepared without too much bother. The steaks in the Canary Islands are juicy and full of flavour, a BBQ would be the ideal time to try one. Take a look at villas to rent in the Canary Islands using the menu at the foot of the page.

Renting and travelling with 8 people in the Canary Islands

A group of 8 people offers pros and cons. If you hire cars or taxis to get around, you will need two of them, or a minibus. The advantage of eight people is bargaining power. You may be able to negotiate a discount for any trip you book and there are numerous trips and excursions on each of the Canary Islands. It would be a pity to go on holiday to the Canary Islands and not go to see the volcanic interiors, the national parks or whale watching. Each of these is an unforgettable experience.

Local bus services in the Canary Islands are very good and inexpensive use these to get to most destinations

Large cities such as Las Palmas de Canaries have open topped tourist buses for hop on and off sightseeing tours.


Apartments of various sizes to rent in the Canary Islands

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