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Rural villas in Spain


There are rural villas to rent in Spain in amazing areas. This small hamlet shown on the left sits in a valley surrounded by great crags that create a micro environment. Only 5 miles away from the coast Masca Valley on the west coast of Tenerife is a hidden gem. The hamlet has a distinctly spiritual peaceful atmosphere, flowers bloom prolifically and nature has the starring role. Access to the village is via miles of frightening hair pin bends that deter visitors.

A self catering holiday in a rural villa in a place like this would be an escape from the world. You could have complete peace and quiet, gentle strolls, stop to stroke the cats and greet one or two local people.

Spain has many such hidden rural gems where you could rent a villa or apartment. The accommodation is more likely to be traditional with the razzmatazz of large balconies or outdoor swimming pools that is found in coastal resorts. It all depends on what you want from your villa holiday in Spain.

Photographers and artists would find inspirational subjects in these rugged settings.


Rural villas in Spain - rural villas in Spain

Delight in the abundance of nature in rural areas of Spain

spain flora and faunaPalm trees and exotic plants and shrubs add colour to the otherwise arid landscapes of Spain. One of the joys of visiting another country is the different plant and animal life to be seen. Plants and shrubs that we consider indoor or delicate plants grow wild in Spain.

Valencia is famous for its orange plantation. In the Canary Islands, acres of banana trees are grown.

Aloe Vera shrubs, know for their healing properties, grow everywhere in the Canary Islands. Aloe Vera lotions and ointments are one of the specialities of the islands.

The climate, landscapes and flora and fauna change considerably when moving from the cooler and greener north to the arid southern Spain and further south to the sub tropical Canary islands.


Find out about the rural regions of Spain?

Read about the various regions of Spain before booking a villa. You may wish to time your visit to coincide with a fiesta or festival.

A strange festival is a public tomato fight, the Tomatina, held in Buñol near Valencia, usually the last Wednesday in August. People come from far and wide to throw ripe tomatoes at their neighbours and goodness knows how the great tomato pureed mess ever gets cleared up.

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