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When planning and booking holidays outside of the main summer breaks, it is wise to consider what type of weather we can expect in a particular country at that time. For example the peak season for beach holidays in the Caribbean is late December to March because it is hurricane free and not too hot. Similarly, one would plan to avoid monsoons in India or to arrive in time for the desert blooming in late October or November in South Africa. There is a prime period to visit each country and knowledgeable people go on holiday when the weather is at its best.

Winter breaks in Spain are popular with pensioners hoping to miss all the cold and damp weather in northern Europe.

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The world is paradise spinning in space. Each country on the planet has something beautiful and divine to offer tourists. South Africa has the spectacle of safaris, a stunning landscape teeming with wildlife and wonderful beaches. For Europeans, South Africa may be the ultimate getaway but with flights of 10-13 hours, people often compromise and head for sunny destinations nearer to home. Spain and the Canary Islands fall into this bracket. Spanish holiday destinations are also relatively safe, which is important for family self-catering breaks. Parents like to be able to feel that medical treatment abroad is of an equivalent standard to that back home and the fact that no inoculations or special measures are required makes it a holiday with few health concerns.


self catering apartments in spainSelf catering villas and apartments in Spain

Spanish self-catering apartment breaks have been so popular in the late 20th Century that a large percentage of tourists know exactly what to expect from the self-catering apartments, a balcony, hopefully with a pool or sea view, bedrooms, an open plan lounge with a kitchen and a dining area. The more expensive apartments have an en-suite bathroom to each bedroom and the better ones offer a bath as well as a shower. Generally, the quality of fittings irises with rental cost.

Private villas with their own swimming pools are very nice to stay in, more expensive but offer privacy and limited exposure to neighbouring noisy holidaymakers. Any large family group would appreciate the opportunity to enjoy a family holiday together abroad.


Holidays in Spain and the Canary Islands - when to go?

Each region of Spain has its own typical weather and numerous micro-climates are created by the geography of the area. Northern Spain is cooler than southern Spain on the Mediterranean and the mainland is subject to greater extremes of temperature than the Canary Islands. Summer days in Spain can be very hot with temperatures reaching 40 degrees. Winter weather can see snow although on the whole the average temperature is much higher and more pleasant than in northern Europe, hence the exodus of retired people for long winter breaks to Spain.

It is most important for people to check the average temperatures for their proposed destination, lower than anticipated leads to disappointment, extremely high may be too hot and uncomfortable. Self-catering apartments in Spain with air conditioning should be a priority if holidaying during the peak of summer.

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