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Self catering holidays in Spain


We all like to get away to somewhere sunny and warm for a holiday each year and Spain is the ideal holiday destination for that self catering break - the weather is reliable and flights not too long.

Rent self catering accommodation, a villa or apartment to cut down on costs. Self catering is the economical solution for families because you save money on meals, drinks and snacks out and about. Eat in your villa and apartment and pack a picnic for the beach.

Holidays for families are much more expensive because costs are multiplied by the number of people in a family and the discounts for children tend to be minimal. Airlines insist on children over the age of 2 having their own paid seat on a flight so the only savings that can be made have to be on accommodation, food and drink.


Self catering holidays in Spain - self catering holidays in spain

Spanish pedicures and seaside entertainment

pedicure spanish style on holiday The practice of allowing small fish to nibble away dead skin has caught on at some Spanish resorts. It can be a relaxing way to spend half an hour or so and certainly more entertaining than sitting in a bath with a pumice stone. Children especially seem to enjoy this experience.

Spanish resorts are very well developed and offer all kinds of entertainment for all ages.

Banana boats, pedaloes, water skiing, wind surfing, paragliding are just a few of the popular activities on the Spanish coast.

All of this entertainment is good fun but adds costs to a holiday. Read a few tips about reducing costs on cheap family self catering holidays in Spain.

Rent self catering accommodation a villa or apartment in the Canary Islands for fantastic whale watching and sea excursions.


Holidays in mainland Spain or the islands?

The Spanish islands with the kindest climate are the Canaries off the coast of north west Africa. These are sub-tropical and temperatures rarely exceed 30 degrees C which makes them ideal for anyone with children.

Mainland Spain and the Mediterranean islands of Ibiza, Majorca and Menorca can be scorchingly hot during the summer. Perhaps more suited to sun worshippers?

Take a look at the pages below to find out about villas and apartments to rent in Spain.


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