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Spanish timeshares to rent


The idea of timeshares appealed to quite a number of people who invested in the share of a week or more of a holiday apartment rather than owning the entire property outright. A management company deals with the maintenance, changeovers and on going problems leaving people to enjoy their week or two of sunshine without too much hassle - as long as they kept paying the maintenance charges.

There are various schemes that allow timeshare owners to exchange a week in their timeshare with another timeshare owner. A register is kept of available timeshares so that members of the schemes can select from a wide range of apartments and villas in a global database.

People who do not belong to RCI or similar schemes occasionally find that they are unable to take advantage of their allocated timeshare week and try to let their timeshare to friends or family. Most holiday rental websites work on an annual basis although there are some where timeshare owners are able to advertise a very short period.


Spanish timeshares to rent


Timeshare apartment resorts

Timeshares are just one method of selling apartments in an apartment resort or complex. There may be a mix of timeshares and privately owned apartments in the same block.

Essentially the management company is responsible for the maintenance and support of people staying in the apartments. This can be a most convenient and reliable method of letting holiday apartments because they will oversee changeovers and the laundry and cleaning in apartments. It also means that reception staff are on duty to hand over keys to tenants - often 24 hours a day.


A list of timeshares to rent in Spain, the Spanish Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands

We will in time create a list of timeshares to rent in Spain so that owners who are unable to use their entitlement will be able to advertise them cheaply.

In the meantime, anyone who is looking for a Spanish holiday rental should consider the options below:

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