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Villa in Spain sleeps 10


A large villa that sleeps up to 10 people is great for extended families. Sometimes this is the only way that today's families can get together. People live and work all over the world and coming together in a large house for Christmas, New Year or a summer break is a wonderful way of meeting up.

Stresses and everyday concerns are left behind on holiday leaving people free to catch up with everyone's news and enjoy themselves. Endless sunny days and warm weather assist that holiday atmosphere.

Often it can work out cheaper per head to rent a villa for 10 people than a smaller one, so talk to your siblings, cousins and extended family and arrange a family reunion in Spain.


  • Autumn breaks during the wine festival season in September in Spain

Wine festivals are held in all Spanish wine growing regions during September. Most fiestas involve fireworks and music. This would be great fun for families without school age children or for hen and stag groups. Costs of villa rental and flights are also lower outside school holidays.


Large 5 bedroom villas in Spain

villas in spain sleep 10 with swimming poolsThe bigger the villa, the greater likelihood of a large garden with a swimming pool. Although adverts often state that outdoor pools are heated even during the winter months, the temperature is never high enough for comfortable swimming.

The Canary Islands are relatively warm throughout the winter, around 17-19 degrees C, pleasant enough weather to sit around in and yet pools are rarely heated enough to encourage much swimming. The occasional brave soul attempts a length or two but not for very long.

If you book a villa to sleep ten people during the winter, ask what the temperature of the swimming pool is set to and do not have overly high expectations of it being soothingly warm.


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