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Villas in Spain - sleep 6 people on a self catering basis


Imagine, your own villa with 3 or 4 bedrooms to sleep 6 people. Take the family on holiday to the land of sunshine and great beaches, stay in a spacious, comfortable and private villa where you and your family can be as relaxed as you would be at home.

You may want to rent a villa with a swimming pool, or you may wish to have one without depending on the ages of your children. Families with toddlers may feel on edge if they have to watch their toddlers carefully at all times. It is good to be able let children play safely in the garden without worrying and children will have the opportunity to play with water when you go down to the beach.

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Family self catering holidays in villas in Spain

Family villa holidays in Spain One reason for going to the effort of flying abroad with children is the guaranteed sunshine. We all appreciate sunny days and seas warm enough to paddle in without shivering.

A Spanish holiday villa is a luxury that only a minority can afford. The lucky few can look forward to a lovely climate, good sandy beaches, lots of trips and family adventures including whale and dolphin watching which is exciting for all ages.

You won't need to get immunisations or take malaria tablets on holiday in Spain. Insect repellent is always useful to deter any biting creatures.

Holiday makers renting villas in the Canary Islands are advised to drink bottled water because the local tap water contains a high concentration of minerals. Bottle water is sold in all supermarkets in container of varying sizes from small bottles to massive gallon containers. Some supermarkets will deliver to villas and apartments, often at no extra cost.


Villa holidays in Spain with air conditioning

The temperatures in Spain can on occasion rise to around 40 degrees which is too hot for people not used to high temperatures. You may wish to ensure that any villa that you rent has air conditioning, in the bedrooms at least, to guarantee a comfortable night's sleep.

If you are wary of going to very hot climates, take a look at the Spanish Canary Islands which have a temperate climate all year round and air conditioning is rarely required in villas or apartments.

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