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Villa - Spain - sleeps 8


Rent a spacious villa in Spain for a couple of weeks holiday in the sun and return home brown as a berry, invigorated and relaxed.

Spain's southern coast that stretches from Gibraltar into the Mediterranean is well known as a sunshine coast. The large beach resorts of Marbella, Malaga, Alicante and Benidorm have welcomed foreign tourists for decades and have a host of facilities that provide anything a tourist may wish for, including British shops and 'Pukka pies'. All day English breakfasts are available at many a seafront cafe.

There are also plenty of eateries offering local Spanish food and international cuisine.

The Spanish Islands of Ibiza, Majorca, Menorca and the Canaries are dedicated to tourism and offer outdoor playgrounds under sunny skies. There are villas to rent in all of these Spanish holiday destinations.

villas in Spain sleep 8 people - click to see holiday villas in Spain that sleep 8 people

Family self catering villa for 8 persons in Spain

family self catering villa holidays in spainRenting a villa in Spain and self catering is an economical way of taking a holiday for a family or small group. You can save money by cooking for yourself and eating in. With eight people, each can take turns to cook on a rota basis, thus keeping the work to a minimum.

A party of eight is the recipe for a wonderful holiday with plenty of interaction and entertainment, especially if people get on well. The villa should have enough sun beds and chairs in the garden for all of you and ideally a large table to eat round, which is pleasant on warm sunny evenings. There will be a refrigerator of your beer and steaks and enough cooking utensils to make the job easy. Try to obtain a villa with a dishwasher to cut down on chores.


What to take on villa holidays in Spain

Each holiday villa is individual unless you rent a villa on a villa complex where each is a carbon copy of the rest. With private villas that belong to independent owners, the decor is likely to reflect the owner's taste.

The villa will be equipped with all everyday items that you need for a holiday. Some people find it difficult to adapt to using a vegetable knife other than the one they use at home, you may wish to bring one and transport it in your main luggage or it would be confiscated at customs.

Because of the strong Spanish British connections, obtaining British branded food is relatively easy in large Spanish resorts.

Always opt for a recommended good quality villa. There may be cheap villa self catering breaks available in Spain but beware. Some villas may be fine if the accommodation is merely basic. Occasionally we hear about villas overrun by cockroaches or filthy beds - not conducive to happy holidays. If you book what seems to be a complete bargain, go armed with insectiside.

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